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Exterior Options

Dayside windows are available with a variety of exterior options, including:

Brickmould gives your windows’ exterior a designer, finished look and provides an overlap and nailing flange for secure installation. Available in several sizes.

We offer a variety of paint colours to choose from to create a new accent or match the colours of your house.

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Interior Options

All of our windows are available with jamb extensions in a variety of distinct woods or vinyl clad finish, as well as in a variety of paint colours.

Simply Authentic Smart Real Wood Cladding System
This hybrid system adds a special touch to casement or awning windows, ready to stain in pine, oak or cherry. They provide the same superior protection and are watertight and insulated.

Double Nature Stained Interior Wood Grain Finish
Double Nature products provide the most realistic wood finish in the PVC industry, with a finish that can be applied indoors as well as out. It’s the perfect combination of beauty, practicality, innovation, and technology.

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Glazing Options

Increase the performance of your home’s fenestration with a combination of glazing options. We offer the very best in leading-edge glazing technologies, including:

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Decorative Grille Options

Decorative Grilles
Grille designs add no-maintenance beauty and style to your windows. We offer a wide variety of grille styles, materials and colours, custom designed to suit your home. Our most popular grills are:

  • Square Grilles—Traditional & Colonial
  • Prairie Grilles—Pure Elegance
  • Diamond Grilles—Distinctive Tudor Design

Fancy Grilles
Surface mounted SDL (Simulated Divided Lite) grilles deliver an upscale and authentic grille look.

Brass or lead tape grille material also give the appearance of an authentic cut and leaded glass window.

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Colour Options

In addition to our standard warm white vinyl finish, we also offer a wide range of colours, including the option for custom colouring. Common colours include:

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Energy Efficiency

Our energy-efficient windows keep your home more comfortable and reduce your heating and cooling costs. By effectively sealing out wind and water you always be comfortable, no matter what the weather is outside.

Our customer testimonials Dayside confirm a noticeable difference after installation:

“We really noticed the benefit of these new energy efficient windows during the past hot and sunny weekends. The dining room was much cooler than before, despite the larger size window—and no blinds yet!”

“An energy audit using the Energuide home appraisal system was conducted in our home as part of the local Residential Energy Efficiency Program. As part of the audit, in their words, they said we had the best windows they had yet come across.”

“Your high quality windows and doors were part of our R2000 Demonstration Project. As you know, R2000 homes must pass a stringent air leakage test. Our home passed!”

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UV Protection

Even if you’re inside, you’re not always shielded from UV rays or the sun’s damaging effects. Our Low-E Glass will have you completely protected.

Our Low-E Glass Windows protect against harmful UV rays, including UVAs, that can harm your skin and fade your furniture.

Our windows feature an ultra-thin coating that allows light into your house but blocks up to 99.5% of harmful UV rays, while allowing you to see out without any difference. This coating also reflects heat on hot days and holds it in on colder days, which helps you cut down on energy costs.



    “We used Dayside a couple years ago and were very happy with the work at the time so when we decided to get the rest of the windows done we chose Dayside again. They did a very good job. They were efficient and they did what they said they were going to do. They didn’t make idle promises they couldn’t deliver.”

    “The installers were very professional, working methodically and checking every detail.  It was very pleasant having them around.  They left the door areas very tidy. Thanks!”