Over 55 Years of Window and Door
Installation Experience

Every company will tell you they have superior windows, doors, and service. We prove to every customer, through consistent quality, professional installation and reliable service that we are superior. We could tell you that we’ve been creating windows for over 55 years. We could also tell you that we’ve had thousands of very satisfied and extremely happy customers over those years. But what we really want to tell you is what we can do for you, and your home.

Every Dayside team member will be committed to your project. Our management team is committed to overseeing every aspect of our projects. It’s this direct involvement that helps us achieve our high rating, by instilling quality values and practices right from the start. And thanks to our experience, we know windows and we know our windows the best. Each of our windows and doors are manufactured in-house by dedicated staff who really know their product and are committed to upholding our high quality standards.

If you want a window that significantly reduces outdoor noise, we will provide you with the perfect option. If you want to increase the size of a room, we’ll show you a Dayside window that will do just that. Finally, we know that most customers are looking to reduce drafts and energy costs. That’s why all of our windows and doors are energy-efficient and Canadian-made for Canadian climates.

We know more and do more because we’ve listened to and learned from every customer. And if you don’t deal with us directly, we work with the most dedicated, informed and professional dealers.

Total Quality Management

We take a holistic approach to providing you with consistent and superior windows and doors. While it’s a promise to our clients on what they will always expect from Dayside—quality, consistency, commitment, cost-efficiency — it’s also a process that ensures quality control and it involves everyone in our organization.

Window installation

The Steps of Dayside Total Quality Management:

  • Commitment and direct involvement of the highest-level executives in setting quality goals and policies, allocation of resources, and monitoring of results.
  • Realization that transforming an organization means fundamental changes in basic beliefs and practices and that this transformation is everyone’s job.
  • Building quality into products and practices right from the beginning.
  • Understanding the changing needs of the internal and external customers as well as stakeholders, and satisfying them in a cost effective manner.
  • Instituting leadership in place of mere supervision so that every individual performs in the best possible manner to improve quality and productivity, thereby continually reducing total cost.
  • Eliminating barriers between people and departments so that they work as teams to achieve common objectives.
  • Instituting flexible programs for training and education, and providing meaningful measures of performance that guide the self-improvement efforts of everyone involved.