What to Expect on Your Installation Day

  • Our crews arrive early and on time. For GTA projects, crews usually arrive at your home between 8-9 am.
  • Most installations are completed on the same day or, within two days for larger projects. Occasionally we will schedule multiple crews to the same project to minimize the duration of the renovation period for our clients. Large multiplex projects require more time.
  • You will know it is us, by our uniformly marked trucks that you see driving all over town! Our crew will ask for permission before they pull into your driveway.
  • Each of our eight installation crews, have a lead installer who is responsible for your installation. You will know this contractor, as it will be the same one who re-measured your windows for production. If a discrepancy is found by the installer, the office is notified to correct the error (same-day when possible).
  • Before proceeding our crew will cover their work boots and proceed to lay out clean work blankets in the areas of the home where installations will take place.
  • They will commence your work from the highest elevation and work towards the ground.
  • We will work quickly removing one window at a time, preparing the opening and installing the new window before moving onto the next room. Our goal is to start a room and finish it before moving onto the next.
  • As each area is finished, we will remove any debris and ensure the area is left tidy.
  • Once the crew has moved into the final clean-up stage, the lead installer will walk you through your newly installed products to show you how to properly operate them and to ensure your satisfaction.