Custom doors in Grimsby

When you’re considering custom doors in Grimsby, choose Dayside for high quality products backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

Our team has also been manufacturing custom windows and doors for Grimsby customers for over 55 years. From exterior doors to patio door sliders, our experienced sales staff will find the product right for your home.

There’s never a better time for you to experience everything Dayside Windows and Doors has to offer. Contact us today or visit our showroom to learn how our team can make your Grimsby home look its best with exterior doors from Dayside Windows and Doors.

Contact us now in Grimsby to get a FREE in-home consultation from a Dayside expert who will guide you through selecting your custom doors!


Experience the Dayside Difference

Buying a new door can be a tough decision. Choose with confidence by selecting custom doors from Dayside.  We view windows and doors differently; they aren’t just products to us, they’re a part of your home and your life. With over 55 years of experience, we specialize in creating superior exterior doors and patio doors for our customers. At Dayside we deliver peace of mind with the knowledge that our doors adhere to the highest energy efficiency standards, and are covered under our limited lifetime warranty.

Grimsby Exterior Door Installation

Advantages of choosing Dayside

Value Pricing

We’re in the person-to-person business. Each of our windows and doors are built onsite, saving you time and money by avoiding business-to-business sales and markups.

Family First Installation

Our team of skilled carpentry professionals lead the installation of all of our windows and doors. We wouldn’t ruin a great product with an average installation.

Manufacturing Quality Control

To provide you with the most reliable products on the market, we maintain complete control over the manufacturing process, checking quality standards at every step from construction to installation.