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Your Entry Doors…

are one of the most important openings in your home. They protect your loved ones from the natural elements, but they also need to provide security from any predators while adding charm and character to your home. They are the first and the last impression your guests have of you.

Visualize New Doors

Do you struggle to imagine what your home will look like with new doors? We’ve partnered up with Novatech Glass to bring you a virtual door designing tool to help you see what different types of doors could look like in your home.

Our doors are built to perform in the toughest conditions. We test all of our door components against the most stringent industry standards for air and water infiltration, wind-load resistance, forced entry, ease of operation and much more. All this means that you will have lower heating & air-conditioning costs, easier cleaning and low-cost maintenance, in addition to increased comfort – total performance satisfaction all year round, for years to come.

A Door Is Only As Strong As Its Frame

What makes Dayside’s entry doors system most unique is our available all vinyl frame. Unlike most companies whose frames are wood with aluminum cladding/capping, our system is an all vinyl frame with galvanized steel reinforcements.

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No door in your home takes more punishment than your entry doors. The frames they hang on also endure repeated stress and strain, as the doors are opened and closed again and again, day after day.

Standard Features of Dayside uPVC Door Frames:

  • Strong multi-chambered profiles provide greater thermal efficiency and superior sound abatement.
  • Multi-layer weatherstripping virtually eliminates air inflitration.
  • 4-5/8” steel reinforced frame thickness installedon all door systems.
  • Made from an exclusive lead-free 100% virgin uPVC compound that lasts longer and prevents discolouration.
  • All uPVC frame and jambs won’t rust, rot, weaken, warp or swell.
Entry door

Dayside Multi-Locking Doors

In the GTA, we are known for perfecting multipoint locking door. There are three locking points on Dayside’s multipoint system. This divides the “forced entry” pressure or load across the full length of the door panel, instead of only in the middle. Hooks or tongues used at the various locking points provide precise compression of the weather seal and door alignment in the frame, ensuring the lock operates smoothly and achieves maximum security.

Shoot- Bolt Systems on Dayside Double Doors

Additional security is achieved in our double door systems by the effective use of shoot bolts that throw a bolt into the head and sill of the frame by an upward movement of the handle.

Dayside Steel Entry Doors 

Steel doors are known for the security features and their easy-to-maintain finishes. Our line of steel entry door systems come standard with a high-definition embossment on a primed surface.

We have the technology to deliver virtually any colour or design you choose.

Pick from hundreds of styles, or provide us with a photo or colour chips and we’ll match it! We know the importance of your front entrance, it is the first and last impression of you. Our line of steel entry doors are extremely secure, durable, reliable and designed to your specifications!

Our doors are beautiful – and strong with steel-reinforced vinyl welded fames, thermal and sound-abating features, and a multi-point locking system. They’re unique in today’s market.

house with steel exterior door
entry door with glass panels

Dayside Fiberglass Entry Doors

With all the peace and security of a steel door, our fiberglass system takes your entry system to the next level. This door is perfect for a growing family as it is dent resistant and is low maintenance.

Fiberglass entry doors are available in a wood-grain finish. They can be painted or stained to your finish of choice.

We believe that the entry system should accentuate the personality of the homeowner and their home, and we’ll help you design the perfect door for your house.

entry door with glass panels

Design Your Own Door

Need a little help deciding the design of your new door? Our handy Design Your Own Door tool allows you to upload a picture of your home in order to choose and create the entry door of your dreams. Configure your door style, glass style and accessories to see exactly how your door will look on your home.

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