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As with any unwanted moisture entering your home, window condensation is often the forebear of other problems, so to help explain why condensation forms and what it can mean, Dayside Windows and Doors in Brantford offers the following information.

Window condensation is often indicative of other problems, because it can signify moisture incursion. Over time, that moisture can create challenges that range from health concerns for your home’s inhabitants to structural issues with your home.

What Causes Window Condensation?

A major cause of condensation in Canadian homes is due to the cold winter season. Window condensation is formed when cold outdoor air is met by warm, moist indoor air through the window glass. Likewise, warm air that seeps into the internal wall cavities and connects with cold air can also lead to condensation — and condensation means moisture, the perfect breeding ground for mould and fungus. When mould or fungus takes hold, damage can result to the window frame, the surrounding walls and the inner wall cavity.

Condensation and moisture are generally dependent on the humidity level in the home and how well that moisture in the air is vented out or reduced by other means. But other factors can also lead to the presence of moisture, including temperatures both inside and outside the home, as well as the general level of humidity in the home. Plus, moisture can form through such activities as cooking, cleaning and washing.

If you find that you detect any musty odours around your windows, particularly in places like the basement, it may be a symptom of dampness and due to the presence of mould. That mould can pose a health risk, especially to seniors and young children who are often more susceptible to respiratory problems. The longer the problem is left unaddressed, the more it can lead to worsening health ailments, which is in addition to the structural damage that will cost more in the long run to correct.

To learn more, read Dayside Windows’ facts about condensation. Dayside Windows and Doors offers a beautiful range of products that include replacement windows, energy-efficient windows, custom-made windows and so much more. The company handles all manufacturing and installation services. Dayside Windows doesn’t charge for estimates.

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