Every homeowner needs to replace their windows at some point and this can be a large upfront cost. Luckily, with Dayside Windows and Doors, there is a way to save some money by purchasing windows that are Energy Star® certified and participating in the various cost-saving programs we offer.

What is Energy Star®?

This certification is the official mark of high efficiency products in Canada. The blue Energy Star® symbol means a product meets strict specifications and requirements. Furthermore, it means that the product is in the top 15-30% of its class for energy performance.

What are the benefits?

Replacing windows with Energy Star®  certified windows will perform and insulate your home better, translating into savings on your energy bills. With these windows, you could also qualify for tax credits and incentives. Two programs that homeowners could potentially receive tax credits through include the Home Energy Conservation (HEC) Program and the Home Winterproofing Program.

The Home Energy Conservation Program

This program helps homeowners improve the energy efficiency of their home, lower their utility bills, and lessen their home’s impact on the environment. Sounds like a win-win-win to us! The program offers qualified homeowners up to $2,100 in incentives towards the cost of an energy assessment as well as the installation of recommended upgrades.

The Home Winterproofing Program

Homeowners that apply and qualify with this program will be eligible to receive new insulation and draft proofing measures installed by professionals for free. Energy company Enbridge covers the cost of these installations.

Dayside’s Referral Program

Another great way to save some big bucks on your second, third or even fourth Dayside project is to participate in our referral program. Simply refer a friend to Dayside, and if they order from us, we will send you a gift card for up to $200! It’s just another small way we like to thank our loyal customers and help them keep their home looking fresh.

With so many rebates and incentives offered to help offset the cost of replacing your windows, going through with your investment has never been easier than with Dayside Windows and Doors. Contact us today to book your FREE in-home consultation and a Dayside expert will guide you through your savings today.