A bay window is a window set in a recess inside the home that protrudes out towards the street. It creates extra space in the home and allows a lot of extra light into the room it’s located in.

Bay can be decorative on the outside to add aesthetic value to the home, but inside it creates some extra space and can make the living space look that much bigger.  Many of our pets love to curl up in a bay window on a chilly winter afternoon to soak up the sun.  Meanwhile, plant lovers love bay windows as it allows for their plants to get extra rays of sun while indoors.  Bay windows also make for the perfect reading nook, or sunny spot to enjoy a morning cup of tea.

Why is it called a bay window?

In the same way that the ocean has a bay, bay windows are a small inlet that is only slightly separated from the main living space.

Is there a special function to a bay window?

Overall, there isn’t any particular function as a window; however, it was developed with a specific reason in mind. While having a bay window creates a cute little space where you can read or for extra seating when you’re entertaining, the main purpose of this window was to increase the wall’s surface area and the overall amount of light that can enter the room.

When you extend the window out past the wall of the home, it allows for more light to come than if the window sits flush with the home’s exterior wall.

Many people find bay windows attractive when looking at homes because they often make spaces look larger and brighter, and they can create space in otherwise small homes.

Styles of Bay Windows

While a bay window is itself a style, there are some different types of bay windows depending on the style of the building.

Typically, bay windows are either box bay or bow bay. The box bay is exactly what it sounds like: a rectangular-shaped window with a roof over the top of it. The bow bay window is more circular and smoother, and you would need at least 4 panes of glass to create this type of window,

The bow bay is more popular among the country estates of England and early colonial America. The box bay window is far more common across Europe and North America.

Having a bay window in your home can really add a lot of aesthetic appeal – both inside and out – and allow in a lot of extra light into your home, so it’s a beautiful and bright space all the time.

Additionally, if you don’t have a lot of extra seating space in your Brantford home, bay windows often act as some extra space for your guests so everyone can socialize and enjoy their time together.

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