To repair or replace? It’s the question that we all ask about many other things that we own, including our home’s windows. Deciding whether to repair or replace your windows really boils down to what is causing the problem. We have put together some common scenarios below and what the Dayside Windows and Doors expert team would do in each situation.

Situation #1: Window Appearance

Answer: Repair

If your window has defects in its appearance such as chipped paint or stubborn working hardware, a quick and easy fix may be the answer. Sanding and repainting the exterior of your windows is a pretty straightforward job. Even if you aren’t into DIY projects, there are many professional painters who will gladly come and do this for you.

Situation #2: Dirty glass panes

Answer: Repair

Another easy fix. There are many kinds of retail window washing products that you can buy to wash your windows yourself. Again, if you’re not into DIY, you can easily contact a professional window cleaning company. Be sure to check and make sure that the ‘dirt’ or cloudiness you see is truly on the exterior. If any of the dirt, cloudiness or moisture is actually between the panes of glass, then only washing the outside of your windows will not solve your problem.

Situation #3: Condensation in Window

Answer: Replace

Condensation, dirt or cloudiness in your window is a sign that the seal that holds your actual window sash into the window frame has failed. This also makes your window much less energy efficient by allowing air to flow between the glass pane. This is not good and these windows definitely need to be replaced.

Situation #4: Hardware Malfunctions

Answer: Repair

If your windows are really hard to maneuver it could be due to a hardware malfunction. Check out your windows hardware and see if there is a buildup of dirt, debris or grease. A good cleaning with the vacuum and a soft moist cloth with mild soap may do the trick. Some window hardware can even be re-lubricated.

Situation #5: Warped Window Frame

Answer: Replace

If your hardware is not the problem and you are still having issues operating your windows, it may be that your window frame is warped. Originally, your windows should have been set square, level and flush in the rough opening of your wall. Over time your home can settle causing the rough opening to alter or your windows have changed in shape due to stress caused by weather, moisture or actual failure of the structural integrity of the window. If this is the case, your windows should be replaced as soon as possible.

Situation #6: Windows not Opening or Locking

Answer: Replace

If your window hardware is not locking securely or opening easily, this can pose a serious security risk. Windows are an entry and exit point in your home. This is one of the reasons that it is unsafe to paint or nail a window shut. In case of emergency, you or a loved one may need to open these windows to exit your home. Having properly working windows is very important. Therefore, if you are experiencing these issues, you should replace your windows immediately.

Hopefully the above situations will make it easier for you to choose whether to repair or replace windows in your home. At Dayside Windows and Doors, we pride ourselves in helping you know when the right time is to replace your windows and we walk you through every step of the way. Contact us today for a FREE in-home consultation.