When was the last time you really looked at your windows? No, not through them, we mean at them. Although windows are designed to bring natural light into your home and provide a means of ventilation, without proper care, they will likely wear out and need to be replaced. Basic maintenance methods apply to all window styles, but by understanding how each style and material works, you’ll be able to keep them in excellent condition for years to come.

Keep them clean.

Windows are the first line of defence against nature and the elements. They are exposed to adverse weather conditions and build up of dirt and debris. Soon enough you’ll notice wear on all of your windows. Regular cleaning can help keep your windows sparkling and reduce future problems.

Seasonal inspections.

Each season you should asses the structural integrity of all your windows. Signs of moisture infiltration will be evident in areas of discolouration and spongy consistency. Use a metal rod to probe areas of concern.

Check the condition of any weather stripping. It should be flexible enough to compress and eliminate air infiltration. Look for fogging or condensation build-up between double or triple-pane windows. Finally, inspect for brittle or warped frames. These may be more prevalent in areas that are exposed to sunlight for extended periods throughout the day.

Reseal windows.

Check for any openings or broken seals where warm air can escape and cold air can infiltrate and reduce your home’s overall energy efficiency. Use latex caulk to fill spaces between the window casing and wall inside.

Repaint windows.

Keep your wood and metal frames protected so that they continue to look like new. Repaint every three to four years, but make sure to thoroughly clean them and remove any loose or peeling paint first. To keep your windows operating smoothly, be sure to paint with the window open and allow to dry before closing.

Repair or replace damaged parts.

Wood windows are especially susceptible to damage and deterioration so you will want to repair any rotted areas, splinters, holes and cracks as soon as possible.

Cracked or broken glass in any window style should be replaced quickly for maximum safety and security. Even minor cracks can compromise the strength of the window and allow air to leak into your home. Broken hardware such as locks, handles, tracks and hinges should also be replaced to keep your family members safe and secure.

Maintain your screens.

Window screens are an excellent way to ventilate your home while keeping insects and animals out. Of course, they’re also exposed to all types of weather conditions that cause dirt build up and deterioration. Regular cleaning and repair of holes and tears will keep them operating properly. You may also need to replace the spline that holds the screen in place as it can disintegrate over time.

While taking care of your windows does require a little time and effort, regular maintenance is necessary to keep them performing properly and looking like new. When it is finally time to install replacement windows, be sure to contact Dayside Windows and Doors for a free in-home consultation and an expert will guide you through your savings.