When you have condensation between the windowpanes in your Brantford home, it can also mean there’s a bigger issue with the seal of the window. Long-term condensation in between the windowpanes can cause damage to your home – including rot, mould or mildew. Here are a few ways you can get rid of condensation when you notice it inside the windowpanes of your Brantford home. 

What Causes Window Condensation to Form?

The leading cause of condensation is when there’s an excess of humidity in the air – think about the times you take a hot shower, and the mirror is fogged up when you get out of the shower. 

In terms of your windows, there are a couple of things that can cause condensation to build up, including damp weather, a lot of cooking inside or when someone takes a hot bath or shower. 

Remove Condensation with a Dehumidifier

Some Brantford homeowners have dehumidifiers or even moisture eliminators to help remove the extra moisture in the air. In bathrooms, the fan is also used to help draw the extra moisture from the room. 

Some of the devices to eliminate moisture also release a nice scent, so if you have noticed the room had that damp, mildew smell, this can help remove that. 

If you’ve done these steps but you’ve noticed that there is still moisture building up between the windowpanes of your home – there is a different problem that needs to be addressed. 

How Does the Condensation Develop Between the Windowpanes?

Condensation happens when water droplets hit a cool surface. There are two possible explanations for why this is happening between the glass panes of your windows.

The first is, for double-hung windows, that the seal is broken. This means water is getting in-between and is trapped – creating condensation. 

The second reason is that the desiccant cannot keep up with the amount of moisture in the environment. The desiccant is a piece of the window that is used to absorb the moisture between the panes of a double-hung window. If this piece is defective, then the extra moisture may not be absorbed properly. 

Since the weather fluctuates quite a bit in Brantford, the seasonal shift can cause the caulking around the window over time. Temperature shifts mean the seal can cause the caulking seal to break, and it is more likely that you have a broken seal if you see the condensation between the windowpanes. 

How Do You Get Rid of Window Condensation on Old Windows?

For older windows, where the seal is held by caulking, you might be able to replace the caulking to completely seal the window again. This is usually only a short-term fix – for a couple of reasons. 

The first is that resealing it does not replace the gas (for gas-filled double pane windows) that would have escaped through the broken seal. Without this gas filling, your windows are less efficient and can lead to a large increase in your utility bills. 

Long-term, the best option is to replace the windows with new energy-efficient ones. However, replacing the caulking gives you a little bit of time until you can get a new window delivered or save up some money to purchase it. 

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