Summer is finally here in Canada, and while the sunshine is here to stay, at least for the next few months, it can make keeping your home comfortable a challenge. Even with properly maintained, energy-efficient windows, keeping your cool in the humid warmth of a typical Ontario summer can be difficult. Here are a few tips to help keep your home comfortable, without spending an arm and a leg on air conditioning.

Install an awning on the outside of your home

This option is especially useful if you have a window in your home that takes up a large portion of a west or east-facing outer wall. The awning will provide some shade and prevent the sun from beating right into your windows and turning your whole home into a greenhouse. Make sure you choose an awning that can roll up or be put away easily so that it can be removed or retracted once the weather turns cooler in the fall.

Put curtains or drapes over larger windows

Some studies have shown that certain types of curtains or drapes can reduce heat gain from the sun by as much as 30% as compared to without drapes. Choose light or neutral coloured curtains, and hang them as close to the window as possible. If you can use drapes or curtains have a white, plastic or vinyl backing on them, these will greatly help to reduce the heat from outside seeping into your home. Keep the curtains drawn during the day to maximize their efficiency.

Use blinds to cover smaller windows

Curtains aren’t always possible, especially for smaller windows, or windows in a more humid place like a kitchen or bathroom. Blinds are a good option for these types of windows, but they can make trying to control the natural light difficult. Pick a style of blinds with slats made from a highly-reflective surface on the window-facing side. This will bounce the sun away from your home, and according to some studies, can reduce heat gain up to 40 or 45%. If your blinds give you enough control to do it, try to adjust them so that the sunlight is diffused onto your ceiling, letting in some natural light without making your home seem like an oven.

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