We don’t know about you, but we sure are ready for patio season! Before it begins though, ask yourself, when was the last time you thought about your patio door? For many, a patio door is actually one of the most used doors in their entire house, especially during the summer months. Whether you’re looking to replace your current patio door or to install a new one, Dayside Windows and Doors has a selection of patio doors available for you to choose from to fit your home. Below, we have laid out the steps you can take when it comes time to select a patio door that will meet your performance needs and fit your style.

Step 1: Choose the style

Dayside Windows and Doors offers two styles of patio doors. The first is a sliding patio door, which is a great space-saving option that boasts style and extreme functionality. Sliding glass doors create an effortless transition from indoors to out. The second style offered is called a tilt and turn door which offers endless versatility for endless possibilities. Also available as a window application, our tilt and turn series can actually tilt inwards for ventilation, open fully or lock with the turn of the handle.

Step 2: Choose the patio door material

What material you want your patio door to be will really determine if the door will match the rest of your home. Functionality is also a great contributing factor to this decision. The Dayside Clad Wood Patio Doors are the ultimate in thermal performance, noise reduction and elegance. Not to mention they create an entryway that’s as sturdy as it is stunning.

If you’re looking for even more strength, our All Vinyl Frame Patio Doors feature steel reinforced sash and are PVC built to outperform, even under the most extreme conditions. We not only test how easy they are to use, we also test them against the most stringent standards – air, water, infiltration, and wind-load resistance.

Step 3: Select custom upgrades

Dayside’s patio doors are available with a variety of options for both the exterior and interior. Give your doors’ exterior a designer, finished look with our brick mould option, available in several sizes. Create a new accent or match the colours of your room with the variety of paint colours we offer for you to choose from.

For the interior, all of our doors are available with jamb extensions in a variety of distinct woods or vinyl clad finish as well as in a wide variety of paint colours. Add that special touch to the casement or awning windows with our new simply authentic smart real wood cladding system. Or choose our new double nature stained interior wood grain finish that can be applied indoors, as well as outdoors. It’s the perfect combination of beauty and practicality, innovation and technology.

Step 4: Find a pro near you

Oh wait! You’re already done this step by contacting Dayside Windows and Doors to not only manufacture, but also install your new patio door. Ready to get started? Call us today and we can take the first step to getting your home ready for patio season.