Are you looking to save on your household’s energy bill? Do you want to renovate your home to update its aesthetic appeal? Are you putting your home up for sale and want maximum profit?

Window replacement is one of the top updates to consider when homeowners are buying, selling or renovating their home. But for all the other times, how do you know when window replacement is necessary? Here are some definite signs that your current windows need to be replaced.

Damaged Windows

You can repair your current windows – but only up to a certain point.

Whenever there’s any warping, breakage or damage on your window sash or frame, the window should be replaced. Besides being unappealing to look at and not very energy efficient, damaged windows are can let in insects and other outside life.

Wooden windows? Check your window sills to see if they’ve softened due to excess moisture. If they’re no longer rigid, the entire window and exterior frame should be replaced.

If the glass appears foggy, then either condensation is getting trapped between the windowpanes (usually due to a small opening) or the gas is leaking. Consider replacing double-paned windows with more energy efficient Argon gas-filled ones.

Over time, cracks begin to form on the frame which can cause the window to stick when opening or closing. This type of damage is another sign that you should be window shopping!

Temperature Variance

Is your home always too cold in the winter, but too hot in the summer?

Good quality windows should be air-tight other than specific vents in the design. If your energy bills are starting to get more expensive, your windows may be the culprit.

New, Energy Star certified windows can increase your home’s energy efficiency – and decrease your monthly energy costs.

The Lifespan of Quality Windows

The type of window you purchase makes a big difference in the replacement timeframe. For new, quality windows, you can expect them to last between 25 and 30 years. To extend your windows’ lifetime, perform regular window maintenance including adding caulking and insulation.

Eventually, though, you’ll need to shop around for new windows. When the time for new windows comes, keep the following in mind:

  • Pay attention to the Window Ratings so that you choose a suitable window for your climate
  • Spend extra on features that add value such as Low-E coatings
  • Understand Energy Star window labels so that you choose the best energy efficient windows for your needs

Choose a Reputable Window Provider

The company you choose to purchase your new windows from should be experienced, offer a strong warranty program as well as professional installation and service.

At Dayside Windows and Doors, our 60 years of experience has resulted in trusted partnerships with the greatest Energy Star product suppliers. Our quality assurance standards are also the best in the industry. Still undecided? Our limited lifetime warranty will make your decision easy!

Let us show you why you should purchase your new windows from us! Contact us today for more details.