Fall in love with your front door all over again! Autumn is in the air and while you decorate your home’s interior with some fall inspiration, you can embrace the season with welcoming Autumn décor right at your door. The front of your home is the first thing visitors see, so your windows and doors should invite them in with all the bounty that fall offers. Here are just a few of our favourite front door decorating ideas you won’t want to miss!

1. Fall Colours

Dressing the front of your home for the fall season can be as simple as utilizing traditional colours inspired by the seasonal hues found in nature. One fun way to do this is by including real-life fall foliage throughout your decorating theme. This could include flowers, pine cones, leaves, pumpkins, and other autumnal flora. These elements add dazzling colour and some season flair to all of your front door decorations, which can also be employed around your windows, porch and walkways.

2. Start at the Bottom

A nice way to welcome guests is by beginning your front door decorations with a “Welcome” mat inspired by the season. Let your mat say “hello” to your visitors before you even open your door. While you’ll find traditional mats with fall themes for sale, you could opt for something more unique in the DIY category. Wooden pallets are incredibly durable, versatile and make an interesting choice when you repurpose the planks into a welcome mat. You could either paint the planks in autumnal colours, or if you’re feeling really artistic you could try stenciling, painting or stamping on some pumpkins or other fall-inspired images.

3. Garlands

Garlands made of fall foliage really draw attention and this front door décor is super easy to make. First, gather up a colourful assortment of leaves. For the best effect, look for the largest leaves that are still mostly intact. Sugar maple trees throw off gorgeous leaves in fiery red, golden yellows and bright oranges making it a large focal point. Surround them with an array of other fall items in a variety of sizes, colours and textures to liven up your strands. Attach each element to a thin rope using floral wire, and you’re ready to decorate! These garlands not only work well for doors, but also porch railings or around your windows giving them some festive colour without obstructing your views and they easily attach around the outer edges.

4. Wreaths

Catch your visitors’ attention at eye level by decking out your door with a fall-inspired wreath. Again, you could buy one, or create something more unique of your very own. Purchase a plain grapevine wreath, then create a vibrant display by twining various items reminiscent of Autumn. This is another great place for a splash of colour with fall leaves mixed in with some mini pumpkins, pine cones, acorns or other fall foliage. White pumpkins are an especially nice choice, adding a touch of elegance to your creation. You could also create a wreath using a flat-wire or metal frame and hot glue items to it such as corn husks or seasonal apples alternated with leaves and cinnamon sticks for a welcoming scent.

5. Around the Door

Get your imagination flowing. Don’t just toss out a single pumpkin or potted plant, instead, look for front door ideas inspired by fall’s bounty. Try pairing pumpkins with pots of kale or sandwich various-sized pumpkins between bay wreaths and tuck in cool-weather edibles such as flowering cabbage. Seasonal mums always provide a stunning display, so combine festive with a splash of fun using a pumpkin. Simply remove the innards of a pumpkin, like you would for a jack-o-lantern, then place a pot of mums inside and you’ve created a spectacular pumpkin planter to display on either side of your door! Or go crazy and create two – one for each side.

Festive home decorating indoors brings the splendor of the season inside, but try adding some curb appeal to your beautiful windows and doors that you got from Dayside. Decorating your front door and windows with some fall flair really gets your home noticed and projects a warm, welcoming feeling to everyone who visits throughout the season.