It’s hard to believe but Spring is just around the corner and that means tulips, rain boots and home renovations! If you’re thinking about updating your entry door but don’t know what type of material is the perfect match for your home, you’re not alone. The number of styles and options available can have your imagination running. Here at Dayside Windows and Doors, we understand the importance of matching, complementing, and coordinating styles to create beautiful and functional homes. And we know this all begins with your entry door – a home feature our team is quite fond of.

You want your entry door to present you well. Additionally, it is an extremely important safety feature, along with your windows and other doors. Our point is you can’t afford to choose unwisely. Now, for some quick pointers to match your home with its complementary entry door!

The Victorian Home

This style home is typically elaborate and large, with moldings and columns. Often times, the windows are accented with shutters and the porches wrap around the home. For this style of entryway, a door with decorative glass panels and embellishments tends to be appropriate. Consider a bright colour and transom windows over your doorway as well.

The Traditional Home

Also known as Colonial or Georgian, traditional style homes have a classic look with brick or stone incorporated into their creation. The perfect entry door match for this style of home is one made of wood or made to look like wood. One of the greatest benefits of wood entry doors are they can be customized to your size, shape and style preferences. What’s more is wood front doors are easy to personalize with decorative glass accents or side lights. There’s just something timeless about classic.

The Contemporary Home

Known for its clean lines, asymmetrical design, and simple window options, the contemporary home is the perfect representation of how adaptable the world is today. Entry doors for this style of home are often trendy, with geometric shapes and lever handles. A fiberglass or steel double-door with top-to-bottom windows is a lovely option for this home style.

The Craftsman Home

Craftsman homes tend to be characterized by their porches, thick square columns, and low-pitched roofs. As with the traditional style, these homes are often accented with a wood or fibreglass entry door. If you want to differentiate yourself even further, consider a solid glass front door. With a number of pros including the view you will have from indoors and the amount of natural light you will receive, this style of entry door is one that will always have guests feeling welcomed into your home.

If your home style is not listed here, give us a call and we can chat about the right door for you home. No matter what style you have, our Dayside team can help you find the perfect entry door!