One of the first things people notice about your home is your entry door. It is the focal point, the first feature that makes company feel welcomed into your home, and it gives guests a first impression about you, your family, and the home you keep. Are you now wondering what your entry door says about you?

Blue entry door with glass insertLet’s start with the colour of your door. The colour you choose immediately sets the tone for guests. For example, red is one of the most popular colours used for entry doors because it makes a statement and screams confidence. A crisp white front door on the other hand gives the impression that you like things to be clean, organized and orderly. If you don’t think white is the colour for you, perhaps blue is the way to go as it suggests you have a laid-back, go with the flow personality. Rather than a specific colour some choose more traditional entry doors such as a wooden door that gives off an outdoorsy vibe. Another traditional look is a plain steel or black door that implies you are a straight shooter that prefers direct conversation and practical relationships.

Exterior door with glass insert

The colour of your home’s entry door is not the only indicator of your family personality. The design, style, shape, and handles are all pointers as well. What do French doors say to you? Easy! These dramatic doors add flair and elegance to any house giving it a classical look. If your front door contains a huge window allowing natural light into your home it suggests you have a welcoming personality. In contrast, a solid door, as you might assume, is for a private family or perhaps one who values a quiet lifestyle. Then there’s the decision about having double entry doors which make a big statement or just a single exterior door which is a simpler, more elegant impression. Finally, knobs, hinges, door knockers, and other various decorative features add to you, your door’s, and your home’s character as well. Pay attention to the impression you to want to present to others.

You can try all you want to not judge a book by its cover but when it comes to houses, an entry door can say a lot about you and the home you keep. Whatever your personality, Dayside Windows and Doors has the perfect entry door for you. Give our team a call to discuss options, learn your design aesthetic, and meet your needs. Your dream home is just behind your new entry door!