You’re in love with your new custom windows that our expert Dayside team installed and now you want to decorate those beautiful windows but you don’t know where to begin. From room to room, your windows are capable of so much more than simply letting in light and giving you a view to the outside world. With the right accessories, materials, colours and finishes, they can become a statement in their own right. While there are many options to choose from, we have pulled together a few popular options for dressing your home’s windows and how they can become a standout feature.

Tie Your Curtains Back

Nothing says elegance quite like a tieback for your classical curtains. Although some argue tiebacks are purely ornamental, they do go a long way towards enhancing your overall design that adds a luxurious look that never fails to impress. From tassels to ropes, you can embellish and accessorize your curtain as you see fit. The variety of colours, finishes and details available are enough to bring any window in the house to life.

Statement Pelmets

Pelmets, a narrow border of cloth or wood, fitted across the top of a door or window to conceal the curtain fittings, have made a comeback in fashion and are the clear window dressing choice when it comes to making a statement. A smart finishing touch, these will not only look the part adding an elegant touch to any space, but they help with insulation as well. Plus, you’ll retain the dream interior look and style you’ve always wanted with your custom windows by doing away with unappealing fastenings. Whether you are going for classic or temporary, these window dressings can add a touch of tradition to any home.

Window Seat? Yes, please!

Stylish, cozy and perfect for an afternoon of reading on those cold, dark winter days, window seats can be a dream come true for many. Rather than dressing the window itself, create your own standout piece of furniture and a genuine interior feature. Accessorize the seat with layers of soft throws and snuggly blankets and cocoon yourself in multi-coloured cushions to create a truly blissful corner of calm.

The mix and match

With so many variations of blind and curtain styles available, why not combine them together to create a feel that is utterly unique and entirely your own? Roman blinds are ideal for conservatory windows, while café curtains look delicate with a pretty coloured print, letting lots of light into the room. Timeless shutters and contemporary sheer curtains aren’t to be ruled out either. Sometimes the best creations come for mixing and matching.

Stylish and practical

Although window film is often used for safety and protection reasons, they can be a good excuse to put an even more personal touch on your windows. Frosted and solid vinyl options are great for privacy, while full-colour graphics will pop with character and charm. Why not opt for an eye-catching print installation that boasts both style and substance?

Hands down, curtains offer the most creativity for your window. From the fabrics to the drapery hardware they offer an infinite palette of possibilities. If you already know how you want your windows to be decorated but don’t have the proper window selection in your home, visit us today to learn more about creating your own custom windows!