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Drafts around your home’s windows may not pose a problem for you during the summer months, notes Dayside Windows and Doors in Brantford, but on cooler days, and especially during winter, drafts can be responsible for your discomfort, along with bigger outlays on energy bills.

Sometimes the challenge with drafts is due to outdated windows. Old-fashioned, single-pane windows are often one of the big reasons for drafts. But frequently enough, drafts can also come from something called “shim space,” a term that’s used in reference to the area between a window’s frame and the surrounding window cavity. This clearance is necessary to ensure the window fits easily into the framed opening during construction. However, in some cases, this shim space may not have been sufficiently insulated and sealed, and any existing open space can create room for drafty, cold air to enter your home.

One solution to address this problem involves the application of specialized spray foam to seal the inner cavity around the window. Once the insulating spray foam has been applied, it expands to fill the inner space, thereby providing the needed insulation. But such work should be undertaken only by an expert window installer or a contractor with the expertise to do such work. As you would expect, your home’s windows will first need to be professionally evaluated to confirm if this is the cause of drafts.

The preferred option may be to invest in window replacements — and though such an option might at first seem pricey, new window upgrades for your home can be an excellent investment. Window upgrades allow homeowners the opportunity to benefit from new, advanced energy-efficient windows while beautifying and increasing property value. There are also other advantages. Many of the new, advanced windows today are virtually maintenance-free.

How Airtight Are Your Windows?

One way to determine just how airtight your windows are is simply to hold a lit match near the edge of the inside window on a breezy day. If the match gets blown out — or even if the flame flickers a lot — it may be time to invest in new windows with superior window stripping. Such modern window options of amazing designs are available from Dayside Windows and Doors with locations in both Brantford and Brampton.

Dayside Windows and Doors specializes in the most contemporary and attractive window and door products. Dayside Windows handles all design, manufacturing and installation services using the highest quality-control standards. Those same high standards also apply to customer satisfaction. Plus, specific designs can be custom-made to suit special client requirements.  Dayside Windows does not charge for estimates — so call today!

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