When it comes to making a home your home, it’s all in the details. Your home’s windows are no exception!

Most often used for providing a passage for light, sound and air, a home’s windows are also an opportunity to add personality and aesthetic appeal. Window grilles are one way of doing just that! Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the proper window grilles for your home.


window grilles with white trim on brick home


Window Grilles Add Life to Your Home’s Design

Made up of horizontal and/or vertical bars, window grilles divide larger sheets of glass into smaller panes. They create visual points of interest and are a relatively easy way to add a unique look to your home’s design.

Although some traditional architectural styles such as Victorians or Colonials look naked without window grilles, the right type can complement any home’s architectural style.


comparing window grilles


Types of Window Grilles Available

Window grilles can add a traditional, contemporary or elegant look to your home’s design. Contemporary homes often feature straight, clean patterns, whereas older Victorian homes regularly feature more elaborate grilles.

Best for making narrow, tall windows appear wider, colonial grilles are one of the most common grille layouts. Prairie windows are another popular option which provides a beautiful framed effect, especially when done in a different colour from the vinyl.

Not finding a grille pattern you like? Custom window designs are also available!

Choosing the Best Window Grilles for Your Home

To create a unified look, choose a single style of window grille throughout one floor or side of your home. Corresponding patterns are also suggested; for example, if you have square window panes, choose a square window grille pattern.

Although there are different types of window grilles available, one of the most popular options is to locate the grille between the insulated glass. This type of grille requires no maintenance and creates an easy to clean glass surface.

Most window manufacturers carry grilles in the same colours as their windows. Optional finishes in gold, silver and metallic are normally available.

Choose from circular grilles as narrow as a ¼ inch or flat shaped grilles as wide as 1 3/8 inch. Want a unique look? Ask to see options featuring protruding edges!

Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Window Grilles

Window grilles are a great way to change up the look of your home without replacing all of your windows. When done right, they offer a beautiful addition to your home on the inside and add extra curb appeal from the outside.

At Dayside Windows, we have a wide range of layouts, styles, and colours available to help your vision become a reality. By manufacturing our products onsite and using a team of skilled carpenters for installations, we can guarantee the reliability of our products.

Let us show you the difference that quality makes! Contact us today for a free consultation about window grilles for your home.  Dayside Windows & Doors is Branford’s leading supplier and door and window installer in Brantford and Hamilton.