Alternative Cleaning Solutions

Vinegar  can be used among other in-home ingredients as an alternative to harsh cleaners. Make a solution of ½ teaspoon of liquid soap, ¼ cup vinegar (white) and 2 cups water, mix in a spray bottle. This combination will be streak free and will take off the residue left by other cleaners.  Spray on and wipe off with a lint free cloth or squeegee.

Ammonia is the main ingredient used in most commercial window cleaners and it can be more effective than vinegar. For ammonia based solutions, use 1 tablespoon for every gallon of water.  Mix the solution in a spray bottle and wipe with sponge of soft cloth.

Adding Lemon to this solution you will have a scrubber and a cleaner all in one.  Squeeze a lemon and remove all seeds.  Then press the skin directly to the window and rub circles around smudges. Work in small areas and follow with a cloth to dry.